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Export & Logistics

 HulMac benefits from its close proximity to major transportation hubs. With exceptional logistics, you can expect frequent and in-time delivery by truck or by ship.  HulMac has 100 years of experience being a global supplier of forage products

Container Top lift

HulMac has the only loaded container handling top lift in Mpumalanga Province. This provides a great degree of flexibility in moving loads efficiently. A truck does not wait long to have its container taken off of the chassis and a new container placed back on. This maximizes the time the trucks and drivers are on the road and minimizes the waiting time. The top lift also allows for the loading of several different combinations of trailers to maximize loaded mileage.

Container Depot

With a consistent flow of trucks making trips to the  yards in Mpumalanga  HulMac is able with the top lift to pick up empty containers as they become available and set them on site to ensure there is enough equipment to complete an order and to ensure the equipment is on site when needed on the production schedule.

Trucking Fleet

A modern fleet of highway tractors, triaxle intermodal container chassis and step deck trailers ensures that  HulMac has the right equipment to ensure that loads are moved safely and efficiently to the destination. With the large number of trucks moving the containers back and forth to Witbank, careful logistics coordination provides the required documents and allows flexibility in scheduling pickups for other customers.

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Own Plants/Custom Work

Besides buying hay from regional producers, HulMac has 2 own facilities for growing crops.

Boloba Farms, Lethbridge, AB

Boloba Farms is a full subsidiary of HulMac that grows quality hay on their own farm. Boloba employs 80 workers. Besides growing crop for itself, Boloba also performs custom work for other farmers in the region. We work with the latest tractors and baling equipment.

Boloba mainly grows Lucerne, but has also some Teff and Eragrostis fields. Besides, the company is involved in the development of fertilizer programs and plant biology. By farming and developing by itself, HulMac can stay up to date on the most recent methods for farming and growing crops. This helps us with our relationships with other producers.


Through an experienced team of buyers, HulMac is able to build relationships with professional farmers growing high-quality crops. This personal contact with the farmers has led to relationships of over 50 years.  We buy all grades of export quality hay in big bales including 3×4 and 4×4. We are currently looking to expand our Hay and Lucerne acres. Our procurement team is happy to answer all your questions regarding the buying of your hay or contracting acres..



This facility is strategically located in the center of a large Lucerne growing area; we also currently draw forages from Freestate Because of Mpumalanga favorable growing conditions, and having the ability to harvest up to eight cuts of Lucerne product annually consistent quality product is readily available. While a good portion of that product has traditionally supplied the Witbank dairy market, there is an opportunity to utilize the summer hay for our export markets. The Escalante Valley in Standerton is also a prime location for sourcing Lucerne, an estimated of 50,000 – 100,000 MT, grown annually in this valley alone. While standerton Lucene from the Bloem regions will be the main supply in the short run, programs to expand our product line, Eragrostis hay are also being developed that area with local producers at this time. This new product is used to supply our expanding markets such as Botswana , Namibia, Zimbabwa and Zambia, as well as supplying our current traditional markets. This year SA is scheduled to ship over 30,000 tons of Lucerne from our Standerton facility to supply those markets.

Are you interested in HulMac performing custom work for you? Please contact us.


High quality forage starts with accurate and objective grading. Our field representatives carefully monitor the crops and obtain random quality samples of the product. HalMac has incorporated an advanced sample storage facility and processing room to monitor grade standards and geographical growing regions.

All hay is graded into the following categories:

  • Supreme
  • Premium
  • Choice
  • Standard
  • Utility

HulMac has been instrumental in the development of a standardized national grading system. By working together with the South African Hay Association and  Technologies®, a technologically advanced, computerized hay grading system has been developed. This application allows us to analyze the forage samples for color, categorizing the hay according to the grading standards. It also allows us to objectively analyze the brown leaf in the product.

Field Management

HulMac works closely with its producers to ensure that all forage crops are of a high quality standard for export. Knowing that quality starts from the ground up, we make ourselves available to offer help and advice to our producers.


HulMac pays careful attention to ensure that all of its product is stored properly. The product is protected to keep rain, snow and moisture out as well as protect the hay from the sun to avoid bleaching of the color. Effort is continually made to minimize contamination of the product.

It is important that all hay destined for export markets is removed from the fields shortly in short order after being baled and stored in an area that protects it from the elements to preserve its quality.

While the majority of the product grown is stored in steel or wooden structures until the time it is brought to the plant for processing, some of the product is tarped in the fields.

ACX Global Packaging & Loading

Double Compress Half-Cut A

 HulMac has pioneered and developed almost every significant packaging option and method used in today's feed and forage export industry. Some of our packaging options include:

  • Single Compressed Bales
  • Double Compressed Full Bale (60Kg)
  • Double Compressed Half-Cut Bales (30Kg)
  • 450kg MACX-BALE sleeve (1/4 cut available)

HulMac packaging is designed to provide the highest possible efficiency during unloading, handling, and feeding. HulMac will gladly accomodate additional packaging needs upon request.

40' HC containers are loaded to 22.5-26 MT depending on origin and destination. For example, HulMac Western Cape  and HulMac Abroad load to 26 MT except

Please contact us for more information.

Double Compressed Full Bale Double Compressed Log Bale


Alfalfa Hay from Anderson Hay Lucern hay is an excellent source of good quality protein and fiber. Lucern is a legume hay and is sometimes called “lucerne”. These hays are higher in protein and minerals and are more palatable than grass hays. Lucernr in particular is high in energy and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. When properly cured, Lucerne is the best of the legume hays from a nutrient standpoint. It has the most feed value of all the perennial pasture forages. Lucerne is used as for horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys and other farm animals.

With its high nutritional quality, Lucerne hay is one of the best and most popular horse feed varieties available. Lucerne is included in the rations for young growing animals, breeding animals, and adult working horses. Its high protein, calcium and vitamin content make it especially useful in balancing rations for brood mares and young growing horses. Its palatability makes it especially popular for horses that are finicky about eating.

It is also a popular choice in the export and domestic markets for top producing dairy cows. The hay is high in both protein and calcium and low in fiber. Lucerne is the best combination source of fiber and protein. We provide the highest quality of Alfalfa. In dairy cows, the protein provided by our alfalfa increases the quantity of milk produced. The correct balance of fiber through feeding of high fiber Timothy Hay increases the quality by increasing butter fat. Alfalfa has a high value as a feed because it leads to a higher yield of milk.